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Oh my heart.

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vegasmo: Funny how they all wanted the sausage until they were faced with the fact a pig has to die for it. Carnist Logic 101.

So they are willing to stop him killing when it’s in front of their eyes but when it’s hidden away they don’t mind at all…. 

Ohmygod. The sheer force with which some of them try to prevent the man from ‘grinding up’ the piglets. And yet a moment before they were tasting pig flesh; and were prepared to pay for the product of the murder… as long as they didn’t have to bear witness to it themselves.

This was me, guys. This was me not all that long ago. I was just like that.

If I can change my ways, why can’t you?

Notice how the first woman spits out the meat in her mouth when she see’s the piglet, as if she didn’t know she was eating a fucking dead pig before that moment.

The last woman hits him for doing such a thing while still chewing on a piece of sausage she has in her mouth.

Carnism is a weird weird way of living… There is no rhyme or reason, just a mastery of not thinking.

This is really interesting…says a lot about the lies people tell themselves..

There is a reason people cannot stand to face the reality of where their food comes from.

It’s because it is not natural for you to eat it. You know you can survive without killing another sentient being so DO IT.

I really can’t believe the reactions. Where the actual fuck did they think, their meat comes from?

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