I’m getting kinda melancholic, whatever the reasons may be. Time is running so fast. I’m 27 now. 6 Years ago I’ve made the decision, if my life wouldn’t change to better, I’d die this age. My life got so much better. I did it. Not without help, of course, but I never expected that. Even if I feel so good now, there are still things I cannot think about, without being sad. That’s okay, I guess? I still don’t know, who I really am, I’m still searching for me. I feel, I’m getting closer to it. I just want to be a good person and treat everyone with love, compassion and respect. I don’t know, if I am always doing it that way. I don’t wanna lose myself in that. I don’t know, what I am just trying to say, but it doesn’t matter, anyways. Sometimes words just need to come out of our heads. I’m a little bit crazy, but not in a bad way, I think. I make people laugh, and that’s a big pleasure to me. Everyone, who reads all of this text: Thank you